Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Books and Baby Poo. =]

I read Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs in basically two sittings; it's a very easy read. The book basically just covers all of the pregnancy symptoms she had and different experiences she had with them. I enjoyed reading it, just as I do any woman's pregnancy story. It made me feel a little better about the things I go through, especially considering I don't think I have it as bad as she did. Although it's definitely strong with some language and graphic content (talking about poo, sex during pregnancy, and "private" areas ha ha), I think it's a good reccomendation to pregnant ladies all across the board.

I am still reading How My Breasts Saved The World. I haven't had time to really just sit and knock out a lot of chapters at once, like I used to. All I know is that book is really making me want to be prepared for breastfeeding. I have decided that Josh and I will determine in our hearts that formula, unless doctor says I can't breastfeed, is not an option. & Even when I want to give up, we'll keep trucking. From what I read, it does get easier and there are rewards! Now it's just time to get my smarts together with as much reading as possible, a breastfeeding class, and finding places in the area that I can go to for help. I am also definitely going to utilize the Couplet Care they have at our hospital, where a nurse will be helping me after delivery with the baby. I also plan to have a lactation consultant there as well. (La Leche League of Louisville is a great place - $40 a year, support groups, and someone you can call at any time with questions!)

Sunday was my twenty week mark. Now that I have reached that, I am excited about V-DAY. The chicks on http://thebump.com/ talk about it a lot and I finally learned what it meant today. It is at about 24-25 weeks when the baby is viable to survive on their own outside of the womb. I want my baby to cook to full term, but at least I know they'll have a chance if something goes wrong. Lot's of milestones in pregnancy, I must say.

Annnnd here is my big whopper for the day ... I think I may want to use cloth diapers. I used to really think it was a horrible and outdated idea - old homemade things with pins that will poke and hurt the baby. Nope, cloth diapering is actually very in these days and verrryy economically efficient. I've done some reading about how much it will save, what all we would need, and how my routine would be with having to clean dirty diapers. It will be a dirty job, for sure, but I definitely think it's something to consider. I am all about being cheap in as many ways as possible. (Go to http://allaboutclothdiapers.com/ to learn more about cloth diapers and just how much you're saving if you use them!)

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