Thursday, May 20, 2010

Preparing For Rain

There is a story about two men who were praying for rain on their fields. One man prayed for the rain and waited for God to send it. The other prayed and began preparing his fields for the rain. Which man do you think had greater faith?
I heard this in the movie Facing The Giants (an amazing Christian independent film made by the same church who did Fireproof) and I believe the statement has a lot of truth to it. Obviously the man who prayed and began working in his fields had more faith, because he was putting out all of the effort he could on his own side. Sadly, I am the man (well, I'm a woman ha ha) who has been just waiting for God to do something. I pray often for God to work and then I don't do anything to try and prepare my heart for what He has for me. I go along on my merry way and pretty much forget I even prayed.
My new prayer today is for God to send rain, or revival in my heart. This has always been my prayer, but now there is something new. I have also promised that I am going to do whatever I can to prepare for it. God is the one who sends revival, He is the one who transforms hearts, but we have to be willing and ready for it. Sometimes the one obstacle that stands in the way of God's work is me. The best way to move over is to begin investing time in His Word and prayer. I need more of that.
These past few months have been a real spiritual desert for me (a quote from Bro. George, one of Josh's men that he really looked up to and gained a lot of wisdom from). I know that this is the reason why my spiritual life has been real dry and almost boring. I need rain, I need moisture, I need revival, and I need God's power. I've been asking for it, sure. But have I been preparing my fields - or rather, my heart?

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