Monday, May 10, 2010


For with God nothing shall be impossible. - Luke 1:37

I believe that the Bible is the 100% accurate, complete, God-inspired Word of God. Every word of the Bible is true, every statement a promise. We wont go into arguments as to why I feel this way, because I'd be going on a major tangent. However, I remind myself of this every day. When I read something in the Bible and it hits me like a ton of bricks, I believe that is God speaking directly through it. This verse in Luke, when Mary is first told that she will give birth to the Son of God, the angel says - "For with God nothing shall be impossible." We wont go into detail about what is going on in this story, although it's probably pretty obvious. I just like seeing this verse individually, as it is. & As I believe that every word is true, this piece of scripture is no different. With God nothing shall be impossible.
I'm dealing with a lot of impossible issues right now. I see things in my life that just seem impossible to change and my heart feels such a strong burden for it. I wonder if God is even working. I have even tried to give God advice on how to handle my problems! & Because I am not God and cannot see how He is working or the end result of that work, I become very impatient. Things seem so impossible, I feel like they'll never change, and I become so defeated.
This verse, however, says something different. I think about all of the characteristics I know of God: just, faithful, strong, loving, mysterious, and all-knowing. I realize that He knows the situation, He loves the person I feel a burden for, He has a plan, He knows exactly what it's going to take, and He is bigger than all of the obstacles that could stand in His way. I realize that my efforts are faulty, because I am not God and I don't see the end result like He does. I realize I have to step aside and give these impossible issues to Him; the only One who ever makes anything possible.
Ah, that's easier said than done. I am an impatient control freak that has to feel like something is happening. However, God is working on me about that. He is teaching me patience and He is teaching me to exercise my faith by just ... waiting and doing what He asks of me (prayer, devotions, obedience, my daily walk). It's a frustrating journey, but I am willing.
Why? This verse promises that without God, nothing is impossible. This isn't true only because the Bible says so, but because it has been proven multiple times in my own life. (I'll share in next blog.)
So, if you're going through something that feels impossible, it is. It is impossible if you're trying to handle it in your own power and efforts. However, God is so much bigger than our problems. He knows the ins and outs of our problems; He knows them extremely well. By His grace, anything is possible.

& Just so you know, I don't write these blogs to preach or tell people how to live. Sometimes I'm just writing them as a reminder to myself, because these are the things I am currently dealing with. I just enjoy sharing. :)

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