Monday, April 12, 2010

Mikayla day!

Friday afternoon my tire blew on Interstate 65. For some strange reason, I had decided to randomly travel by interstate although I typically prefer the highway. All I have to say is this: God must have had a hand in that entire experience, because it could have been a bad wreck. I somehow stayed calm, although I am typically a very nervous person, and I knew exactly what was going on and what to do. God is so good. I am glad He was right there with the baby and I. =] This is just another way to prove that I, a daughter of the King and one who is saved by the blood, is walking in His grace; not my own.

Today is Mikayla day. Since she's in first grade, she doesn't have school on Mondays. To keep me busy on my day off, I sometimes have her over and we do all sorts of fun stuff! We make crafts, she helps with my housework, we do nails, she "plays" my piano, she plays with our baby's stuff, and she tells me about her "boyfriends." I also gave her a bag of my old makeup lastnight, so she has been making a mess on her face all morning. Little girls are quite fun.

I am 16 weeks and one day pregnant today. Still no real baby bump yet, although my tummy is poking a little bit. I honestly would have thought I'd be popping now, but then again I didn't really know much about pregnancy at all. I do have a fairly large baby bump when I lay down, that will move from side to side. It's pretty funny looking. My favorite time is mornings, when my belly swells the most, and I hold my belly. I just cannot wait to see how much our little one has grown at the big ultrasound, along with finding out which gender they are! Ahh.

Oh & lastnight Josh let Mikayla drink "blue champagne." Okay, so it's really blue kool aid, but she felt so cool drinking it out of a wine glass; she calls those "special glasses."

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