Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby inspiration

As springtime has arrived, I have found myself inspired to do various different things in preparation for the baby. I cannot wait to find out if they are boy or girl, because then I will immediately begin decorating their nursery. We wont be able to paint in the apartment, so I'll have to settle with cutesy pictures and bedding. I will make it work though. I always do. Somehow I have made it seem as if our living room has a fireplace with all of it's red, brown, and orange tones. The baby's room with be just as awesome with all kinds of amazing colors and childlike beauty. I can't wait.

I am also planning on doing a baby book/scrapbook. I want to chronicle my pregnancy and their early years as much as possible with pictures, mementos, etc. Even if I have a kid that doesn't care to look at it, I will definitely enjoy having something around to embarrass them when they bring friends over. =]

Today I got the great idea to write a children's story book. I don't want to publish it or anything; just have it as something for our family. I had taken Mikayla to the caboose park in town for a picnic and she explained to me that she was afraid of bees and she didn't want to play because of them. I asked Mom what to do, because I knew she needed to get out and play a little bit. Mom told me to tell a happy bee story. With a little improvising, I came up with the perfect story to explain why bees sting and to make them seem a little more relatable. I told the story of Little Bee, who just loved playing with flowers, that was killed by a big Giant who stepped on him with his foot. I explained that after Little Bee died, all of the other bees decided it was best to use their stingers in defense. It was pretty nifty for about thirty seconds on a whim, but she bought it. & Now she thinks Little Bee is special.

I read the story I wrote about it to Josh and he thought it was adorable. Josh, who can draw quite wonderfully, has agreed that we should spend our time this summer working on this storybook and try to have it finished by the time the baby is born. He can have the book bound at work, which is a publishing company, and it will be like a real book. A real book for our sweet baby. =]

By the way, I did something very interesting with my pork chops today. I used center cut sirloins, put them in a casserole style pan, filled the pan up halfway with water, mixed tomato sauce and a touch of tomato paste and put it in with the water, cut up onions, and then put in the chops. I let the pork chops bake for fifty minutes on 350 F and we ate them with peas and mac and cheese. Let's just say it made for very interesting seasoning on the pork chops and it tasted very wonderful.
Now it's time for North and South, which I already spent two weeks watching last fall. Amazing stuff. I never knew Swayze was that awesome.

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