Friday, April 9, 2010

My baby takes the morning train ...

Yesterday I finally decided to bag up old clothes that I have been hesitant over the past couple of years to get rid of. Fact of the matter is, I am not fifteen anymore and although some clothes from that era fit, most don't. I'm giving these clothes to either the Goodwill or the Lutheran store, both of which have been great blessings to me. The Lutheran store has 50 cent sales when the store has too much stuff and I tell you, I could buy that whole place out on some days. I used to whine about not having a lot of clothes until I found that place. They've really been a blessing, so I know it's only right to give them more things so they can be a blessing to others.

Only a couple of more weeks and we'll know the sex of our baby! I can't believe we're moving right along. I remember when I was five weeks and feeling like eight weeks, the time when your chance of miscarriage significantly decreases, was so far away. & Here we are. Before I know it, it'll be time to have that baby! But yeah, is this kid a boy or girl? Everyone says it's a boy and I wouldn't be surprised if it is. However, Josh does have two sisters. & They say the man determines the gender. I say it's a fifty fifty chance! (Well, obviously) Either way, I just want this ultrasound to determine the baby is healthy and growing normally. That is the true purpose of the ultrasound anyway! So ask me what gender I would prefer - I say, I just want a healthy, chubby little baby come September!

Oh and the scale says I have gained yet another pound. This would mean I am up two pounds since last week. Phew. Okay, my books and pregnancy calculators say this is normal - that I haven't even gained the average amount yet. It just feels so wrong and backward to allow weight gain, to let myself understand that it IS a good thing. I just have to remember that my body is doing it's job and that non-pregnant, I have no problem maintaining weight even when I eat horribly. & I am growing a little human who needs the fuel. It's all good!

A little tip for exercise? Get on the exercise bike while reading a book or watching your favorite tv show. One thing I like to do is cover up the timer so I can't see how long I've been on (I get really tired of it if I am constantly looking at the time). I normally also don't go super fast considering I'm pregnant, but I like to go with a good pace that gets my heartrate and legs moving! I also take morning walks with my mp3 player, which is a nice getaway.

Time for my morning walk, since I am thinking of it. Then it's another busy day in wifehood!

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