Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14, 2010 - 16 Weeks and 3 days pregnant.

So Monday I bought a BeBand at Target. $16.99 was really hard to spend on what seems to be just a piece of fabric, but I am so thankful I gave in. My pants haven't been buttoning very comfortably lately and maternity pants look like they are going to swallow me. & My dress pants have been retired since about week 12. So, I can still wear my wonderful pre-pregnancy pants and be comfortable! It's perfect!

What about the name Constance Elizabeth for a girl? Josh and I were watching North and South lastnight and George's love's name is Constance. I promised I'd never name my kid after a movie character, but I really just like it. It's just such a timeless name. We really thought we had our hearts set on Rebecca Jane, but I am beginning to reconsider. We'll see!

For a boy, it is definitely Austin Lee. Originally I wanted Austin Lane, but I decided against it. I really want to keep the name Lee going.

Today I began reading "How My Breasts Saved The World: Misadventures of A Nursing Mother" by Lisa Wood Shapiro. Mom bought it for me when I first got pregnant and I have just now gotten around to reading it. It has cracked me up so far; about her birth and how she just assumed it and breastfeeding would be easy because her grandmother said it was "so natural." I guess time will tell if she sticks with it or not.
And with that said, I do plan on nursing. I used to swear against it, but I feel a lot differently about it now. I just promise myself that I will never have to whip my boob out in public to feed my kid. Some women can and that's lovely. It just sounds horrendous to me.

Tonight is pepperoni pasta night - which is marinara sauce, penne pasta, veggies, seasoning, and pepperonis! It's definitely a cheap and easy dinner, but one of Josh's absolute favorites.

God Bless. =]


  1. Amy, that's awesome that you plan on nursing! It was definitely the best thing I did for Hayden. I wish I could have done it longer. There are so many benefits. Make sure when you're in the hospital to spend as much time as you can with the lactation consultant as you want to. I had no idea how hard it was going to be and she was so helpful!

    Also, I really like Constance Elizabeth. Very pretty. But I do like Rebecca Jane a lot!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I think nursing will be the best thing too. =]

    We still can't decide on a girl's name, but we'll figure it out. We have two weeks before we find out what the baby is so I may not even have to worry about it if it's a boy!


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