Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Where We Are

Well, life has certainly been busy lately! Next Monday will mark one month since Joshua began his employment with Ford Motor Company. I must say ... I was nervous about it was going to go. The plant is about 45 minutes from our house so that means very early mornings and long afternoons on the road for him. In spite of that, he has been blessed with a job he likes, he enjoys working around the people, and his hours aren't too bad either. :) It took him a year to get hired on there, so we had pretty much lost all hope that they would ever call. We got impatient and tried jumping into other ventures, buying more trouble than we really needed. However, the Lord has been merciful and has taken care of us. We learned from those experiences and now I feel like we can appreciate this job much more. I'll always be appreciative of the years he was able to provide through Publishers, but I can't say I'm sad for him not to be at that company anymore.
Church has been going well! It was hard to make the transition to a different church ... but it wasn't different in doctrine and teaching ... and the people are very loving, so I just had to hang in there and let the adjusting come on its own. Josh has been getting opportunities to preach and teach, which he loves. He also leads the singing on Sunday night and they recently gave me the opportunity to play on Sunday nights. That's a lot of fun! I've been working on transposing music myself to adjust to the keys the congregation can sing out best in, so I can move away from using the transpose button. That will take some time getting used to, but it's a good skill to have. I don't blame em though - I can't single a single song in the hymnal in the key it's written in unless I'm singing the alto part. We also work with the youth which has been a blast thus far! So while it hasn't been the easiest road, the Lord has been good and has blessed us through this ministry in many ways.
I've been doing better with anxiety, although I still deal with crazy thoughts on a daily basis. I just have to put them in a compartment and recognize them for what they are: fears and thoughts. Sometimes I'll get myself convinced that if I am thinking this or that, that it's a spiritual problem and something is wrong with me. However, I know God doesn't torment or play with the mind like this. He is not the author of confusion and fear isn't of Him! I've realized through all of this that I have always struggled with anxiety to some degree, it has just gotten moreintense with all of the changes we have been through and whatnot. I'm not really sure if I will begin medicine for it, although on my   bad days I consider it. I've come a long way though, so that's the important thing. And I give God the praise for every bit!
The kids are doing well. Crazier than ever, but I love it! Joanna has been very attached to me lately, which is tiring, but I do love having her close by. Nathaniel is turning into a daredevil and likes to jump off of everything. And Constance is almost through with her first year of school!
So, although the past few months have been some of the worst in my adult life, the Lord has been good through every step of the way. I wondered where He was many times, but I can look back and see His hand all over it. Now Spring is coming, the grass is getting greener, and God is preparing our home for big things. He has definitely been good to this child.

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