Monday, August 3, 2015

One year

One year ago, my husband surrendered to the ministry as a preacher of the Gospel. It was a proud moment to see him step up and do something he had contemplated and struggled with for a long time. It has been even prouder to watch him grow over this past year, not only as a preacher, but as a Godly man.
It's been a challenging year. Between financial struggles, a new baby, personal issues ... it's been busy! And the devil has had a field day trying to discourage both of us. I mean, he has played dirty ever since Joshua surrendered. We have had our weak moments, our "did I just do that?" moments (and yes I automatically thought of Steve Urkel when I wrote that), and our moments where we wondered if it was really worth it. But the Lord has sustained us and given us grace for the journey thus far. He has grown us in ways I never thought possible. I am so thankful to be where I am, doing what I do, and with who I do it with! God has truly been good and has been faithful.
My husband preached a good message lastnight, one I truly believe was from the Lord. But the epitome, the confirmation that God has us where we need to be is when a soul came forward and accepted Christ. Like the song says, a lifetime of labor is still worth it all if it rescues just one more soul. That sweet soul was the one of my little sister in law, who I met when she was just four years old. I was proud of her for going forward, proud of her for testifying as soon as she accepted Jesus, and proud of the Lord for being faithful. That, my friends, makes it worth it.
I pray that the Lord continues to bless the ministry at our church and that we see more souls saved, more backslidden hearts turned back to Jesus. I know He isn't finished there and I know He isn't finished with our little bitty town. We are just a little preacher's family along for the ride.

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