Tuesday, August 19, 2014

14 weeks and updates

This pregnancy is flying by, but dragging on at the same time. I'm trying to enjoy it, although most days I forget about it. I was talking to my Dad on Saturday and felt this big jump inside of me as I thought, "oh yeah! There is a baby in there!" The baby only moves sporadically, but I'm still shocked every time I feel it. I don't think having one pregnancy or twenty could lessen that incredible feeling.
I'm feeling pretty good. My appetite is totally back and I'm not worn out all of the time! I do try to snag a nap in the afternoons, simply because I may pay for it later in the evening if I don't. My clothes still fit, but I'm in that awkward "has she eaten too many cheeseburgers or is she pregnant?" phase. Cheeseburgers sound awesome, by the way. 
Life has been INSANE lately. Seems like ever since Joshua answered the call to preach, the devil has been on our case! Nothing horribly bad has went on, praise The Lord, but we are just overwhelmed by life. I felt so discouraged and defeated the other day, but thankfully my God was there to pick me up! I'm so excited to see where God is taking us and to see how He is growing our family. These little trials, which are indeed a nuisance, are making us stronger for whatever is to come (if we allow them to).
The kids are doing great. Nathaniel is turning two this week! Ughhhhhhhh where is my little baby?! He is developing such a funny personality that truly projects "all boy." He is into things 10 times more than his sister ever was. He also knows how to give good hugs and kisses if he knows he's been bad.  His personality is very laid back and he's often happy just tinkering away at something or sitting with his Daddy. 
Constance has been sleeping in her undies at night and mostly staying dry! I wasn't expecting for this to click so easily, as we still have our battles with going #2. But most nights she prefers the panties and will even wake up to go potty in the night. The big things to remember are to not let her go to bed too tired and for no more than one cup before bed. It's not a science, but we are getting there. She has also been getting into her books more and telling me the stories through pictures and what she remembers. Her imagination sometimes throws a fun detail in too! It's crazy to think that this time next year, she will be starting school! (Pause for pouting. This is happening too fast.)
Hopefully the rest of the week will be smooth sailing. I've got a doctors appointment tomorrow, along with church, and preparations for my sweet boy's party on Saturday! I'm praying it's a good week and tons of good memories are made.

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