Friday, May 23, 2014

My cup runneth over.

Sometimes I wonder how much Constance is really taking in during our family Bible time every night. After all, she is only three! However, yesterday The Lord blessed my heart when she told me what she had learned the night before. Josh tries to break down the stories in a way that she can understand and remember them, following with an application that we can use as adults. We talked about the crippled man at the pool of Bethesda and how Jesus healed him. Constance came to me the next day and said, "Momma! There was this man and he couldn't walk so he got in a swimming pool and Jesus made him better!" (Don't you love the way kids interpret things? Ha ha) I then asked her if Jesus wants to heal us as she responded with, "He wants to heal our hearts!"

My children are such a blessing to me. I sometimes wonder why The Lord would see fit for me to be their Mom, as I am so flawed. I just know that they have taught me so much and have brought so much joy to my life so far. They have made me a better person. I totally wouldn't be opposed to have another, if it was the Lord's will. (According to Constance, she's praying God to send a baby sister.) 

The Lord also blessed us yesterday with giving us four used (new to us) tires and a rotation for the price of what was originally just two tires. We were in serious need of new tires on our car and we really didn't have a whole lot of money to shell out on it. The Lord provided in a mighty way and took care of it! Like the song says, God has been good to this child. 

I told my husband there is no other life I would rather be living. Even when it's crazy and the kids are cranky and money is tight. It's good right here.

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