Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Must Write

I really miss writing. You know, I used to write stories all of the time. Writing stories, to me, was more exciting than writing a book because I could control all of the characters. A lot of the time, especially when I was younger, the stories were a bit silly and far fetched, but they were still special because they were mine. I went through a phase where I believed "edgy" writing was sharing some (and embellishing) experiences that were slightly illegal or forbidden, so I guess that's when I started losing myself. I started losing my sense of imagination and just started following what the rest of the world, my peers, were doing. It's funny how something as simple as writing can reflect that.
This blog has been a lot of things to me in the past three-four years. It started as a way to update family who live far away on my first pregnancy and then I even considered branching out and making a business out of it. However, I think I really just like the idea of making it a place for my thoughts and ideas.
I would really like to use it as a place to share devotions, either ones I've written or ones that have inspired me. Or just simply share scripture that encouraged me that day. I am hesitant, because I believe the elder women ought to teach the younger. I'm still very much a lil gal in Christ and I have wonderful and wise sisters in Christ who are older and more experienced that have so much that I can learn from. However, I know that I love to write, I love to share what God has been doing, and I love to encourage others. There is a place for that amongst all Christians, no matter their age or place in their walk with Christ. And if you ever read my old posts on here, you can see how I began blogging just a few months after getting saved and how The Lord began changing me even then.
The idea of writing devotions has been on my mind a lot lately, especially considering that I miss writing. Writing stories would be cool and maybe one day I will do that too. (I need to get back to reading for fun as well. With kids, it's nearly impossible to find time. I must make time!) For now, I just want to post and share little bits and pieces of what God has been showing me in His Word. It will also be a good motivation to keep me in His Word.
Before I go, I'll share some updates on us:
-Joshua is considering taking home inspection courses to ultimately earn his certification in home inspection. He's the entrepreneur in the home, always thinking of ways to make money. He would be able to work at these courses at his own pace and then do an 8 hour lab in South Dakota (road trip!) and take a state test here. This kind of work would be a good supplemental income that would not interfere with ministry or home life, as he would be able to set his own hours. Cool!
-Speaking of schooling, I'd love to go to hair school, but for now that's just a dream. I've still got kiddos at home and that's my first priority!
-Piano is going well, but I'm getting to the point where I really need a real piano with a pedal to really get the flow of things. I'm still very much a beginner, but I'm trying to be patient and realize that I've still learned so much and come a long way!
-The kids are hilarious. My 3 year old is in junior church and learning about the things of God, it's amazing to see how easily she picks up on things! (It also makes me conscious about what I say and do!) My little one year old boy is finally starting to talk more and repeat words he hears. This week it has been Bible and purple! He also has mastered the art of a pitiful little whine when there is something he wants! It melts my heart! 

I'll be back soon with something. :)

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