Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm back!

It's literally been a year or so since I've been on this blog and read my old posts. I decided to quit posting because I had too much on my plate and also did not have a computer. Well, when I received an iPad for Christmas last year, I decided to begin a new blog and just start fresh. However, when I read all of my old posts yesterday, I kind of felt like I was abandoning this one! :( 
In a day and age where Biblical womanhood is becoming almost archaic, I really believe there ought to be voices fighting for the Truth of Christ and His WORD! My little blog may not reach many, but you never know what difference you could make in the life of one soul. Or maybe with women who need the encouragement to keep on in the fight and the work! (I know I need it!) I know that was my goal when initially beginning this blog and trying to gain followers. 
I'm not a genius, not a know it all, and I'm certainly not perfect. So even though this is considered a mommy blog, the only wisdom I can offer probably comes from making a lot of mistakes and knowing I've got a forgiving God who shows me how to do it better the next time. I can't write any parenting books, but I can direct you to one that will blow Dr. Spock and Dr. Sears out of the water. (Dr. Spock was the cool pediatrician doctor when my mom was a young parent!)
I love to write and sometimes I feel like I have really suffered from not writing for so long. Who knows, maybe this can open my mind up some?!
Anyway, this is my blog. I've updated the information about myself and my family ... considering we have had a lot of changes since I last posted. 
You'll be hearing from me soon!

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