Wednesday, September 14, 2011

She's turning a year old ...

It feels like it's been about 100 years since I last posted on here. We stopped using our junky computer at home which means ... no opportunities to blog! But it's been for the best. I think I was spending too much time on the computer, reading other blogs, etc. But I still go through and read the blogs of others from time to time if I am around a computer or at the library. :)

Constance is turning ONE next week! She is still crawling, but she's definitely getting closer to walking. I just don't think she is really interested in it yet. I mean crawling does get her wherever she needs to go! One thing I've learned with babies is not to push them into things ... like rolling over, crawling, etc. Work with them and be patient! I mean, I miss the days when I wasn't chasing her around and keeping her out of everything.

I absolutely love this age, though. She is so sweet and so playful.

Little facts about my almost one year old Constance:
-Her monkey goes to bed with her every night and she lays on top of him like he's a pillow.
-She only nurses twice a day ... once in the morning and once at night. Pretty soon we'll be cutting another feeding and then ... another. =/ I'll miss nursing, but it's definitely time to wean for us.
-She dances every time she hears the theme song to Gilmore Girls, which her Daddy and I are currently watching the seasons of.
-She loves macaroni and cheese.
-She is a pro with her sippy cup. She hasn't used a bottle since she was 8 months old!
-She says "Dada" "Mama" "That" "Down" "Done" and other random little ramblings. She's also beginning to start saying "Papa" !
-She has eight teeth and I believe she's teething again. Phew!
-She loves going to nursery at church and rarely cries when we leave her unless she's tired. She loves playing with the other kids though and kisses on one of the boys!
-She smacks her lips when she's blowing kisses.
-She waves bye bye.
-Stands up by herself.
-Walks when she has help.
-She has a temper; throws herself back and screams when she doesn't get her way.

There are so many more million things she does, but it would take forever to think of them all! My sweet girl is growing, healthy, and perfect! I love her!

And look at how we've changed!

Constance at about a month old. (or younger, can't quite remember)
This past Monday!


  1. Love reading your blogs. You have a knack for writing. You are right, she has grown so much and you should be proud that she is such a bright healthy lil girl. Somehow Connor does always seem to attract ALL the little girls. LOL he is only 3 and has already been kissed by 2 different girls. LOL.....We are gonna have to watch them. ;)


  2. i Love being able to keep up with yall i also love the pictures and the blog keep at it amy!!!! ♥


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