Friday, May 13, 2011

Cloth diapering updates!

I know I haven't shared much of my cloth diapering experience since we started!

I'll admit ... it's been difficult to get motivated with it. Constance only has 12 diapers at the moment and she is a very heavy wetter, so I have to work to stay on top of it! However, I feel that I've got a little system going and things are starting to move smoothly!

Conflict at the moment? Leaks! I use pocket diapers with microfiber inserts that I bought at the Dollar Store. These inserts didn't come with the diapers, but they are very absorbent. I have to be very particular about how they are positioned in the diaper or that in itself can cause a leak. However, her leaking for the past day or so has been terrible! Yesterday she seemed to leak heavily through each diaper she had on. & When I'd check the inserts, they weren't even that wet! Being desperate for a solution and really wanting to avoid her leaking on someone holding her, I began reading about stripping the diapers. Turns out that the symptoms of a repellant diaper totally fits my situation.

Repellant - not absorbing quickly enough or at all. Sometimes diapers can acquire buildup which affects absorbency.

The diaper cover is soaked (meaning wet clothes and bedsheets -- ick!), but the diaper inserts aren't that wet at all. Classic case, from what I've read.

So ... I've been reading about stripping the diapers and I am currently doing a little experiment. I got the information on how to strip diapers from the bumgenius website.

Stripping diapers1/2 cup bleach
1 teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid (the blue formula)
Wash in hot water.
Do 2 more (and more if there are still suds) hot rinses.
Hang dry.

I have yet to see how this works, as my washers are currently in their last rinse cycle!
Other cloth diapering news?

I haven't used disposables in quite a while. People buy them for us sometimes, which doesn't bother me at all. In that case, we keep them around for convenience, like if all of her cloth diapers are dirty and I can't wash them that very second. However, I try not to rely on the diposables!

The poo factor? Not bad at all. Actually, I think washing solid poo diapers is a lot easier than the breastfed. I wasn't too big on tossing a breastfed poo diaper into the washer as is, so I always sprayed as much of it off as I could. (Time consuming! Not a big deal ... but it took a little more time and I had to do it in my kitchen sink.) With solid poos, I just toss it into the toilet. Easy! The scent doesn't really bother me either. I mean ... I'd still have to deal with it even if I used disposables. I mean, Constance can't wipe her own bottom! (Btw, did you know it's a law in most states to dump poo into the toilet from disposable diapers? Interesting!)

Joshua loves cloth diapers as well! Anything that saves money; that is his motto. :) He doesn't mind changing the diapers or even washing them if I can't get to it. He's also not grossed out by the poopy diapers - actually I think he is amused by it. (He's such a guy!)

We've been cloth diapering for four months and we have saved probably over $300. I LOVE THAT!

Anyway, I'll have an update on my stripped diapers just as soon as I get Constance in a few. I'm crossing my fingers for no more embarassing leaks! (Did I mention she got my jeans wet yesterday? Ha ha!)

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  1. Great Amy! I could never bring myself to do the cloth thing, just not enough patience I think. ;-) So, I admire you for trying!!! If you need other advice, you can always call Shannon at Mama's Hip on Bardstown Rd...she owns the store and it's all about natural parenting and she's a wealth of knowledge and I'm sure wouldn't mind answering any questions or troubleshooting with you! She's great!


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