Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I have never done a Thankful Thursday before (I think), but I figured it would be fun for today!
  • My husband did not have to go in at 3am this morning for overtime! The night before he did and it was just awful. I know we sleep at that time of night, but I can't tell you how much I love knowing he's next to me. Plus, I get scared at night! (Thus the reason I had him show me how to use his shotgun last weekend.) So yayyy for that!
  • I'm saved! & I always will be. So, I always have something to be thankful for!
  • I am 8 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight!
  • Church! You know, I used to really take it for granted and I just figured ... well I don't have to be there every service, it'll be there next week. But really, it's the people that keep it together! And it's attitudes like that which will allow it to fall apart. I'm never sorry for being there.
  • Christians that I can look up to! My favorite people used to be actresses or musicians, because I always thought they had it all together. But the more I desire to be like Christ, the more admire those around me who feel the same way. I am really glad that I can see these people and their testimonies as it is an encouragement for me to keep going and keep running!
  • The fact that our car is very close to being paid off and that our credit score is getting higher and higher. (Our goal is to find a house by the end of the year!)
  • It's Thursday ... which means tomorrow is Friday! Yesss!!!
  • Cloth diapering - it has saved us so much stinkin' money in the past few weeks! It has also become a true hobby of mine. I love washing them, putting in the inserts, and seeing how cute my little girl's fluffy bottom is. :)
  • Being a stay at home Mom. I realize it is a privelege, as Josh's job isn't the best paying in the world nor does it necessarily have the most promising future.
  • Blogging! I love to do it and it's a nice outlet for my thoughts/writing/rambles. I also love reading other blogs and meeting new Mamas! :)
Well, I am thankful for about a zillion other things, but I wont kill ya with a super long post.

Have a great Thursday all!

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