Thursday, February 17, 2011

Her name is Constance.

Every time I mention my daughter's name to someone, they always say Well that's old fashioned. Or my favorite, Are you going to call her Connie?

Well, when it came to picking out a name for a girl, I wanted something old fashioned. We had originally settled with Rebecca Jane, the middle name being one of my ancestors from Dad's side of the family. However, we eventually chose with Constance. Why?
First thing, I always told myself I would never name my child after someone in a movie. I always thought it was so hokey. However, Josh and I just fell in love with the name Constance while watching North and South just about a week before we discovered that we were having a girl.
Yes, North and South. Patrick Swayze, depressing love stories, chivalry, deceit, lies, creeper David Carradine, and some pretty awesome Civil War re-enactments. Although I definitely enjoyed the love story between the two main characters, I fell in love with George Hazard as well. His wife's name was Constance.
The character of this woman in the movie kind, gentle, and feminine. & Her taste in men isn't too shabby either. :)

The name Constance means to be constant. & It's amazing how we find that to be so true in our little girl's life. We are constantly learning new things about her, we are constantly thinking of her, and she is constantly growing! I am sure this is true in the life of any baby, but I guess it's just funny when we say - Man, we really picked the right name for her, huh?

Now, to answer the question as to whether or not we call her Connie, I promised myself I would never do that either. When I think of Connie, I think of big hair and creepy long nails that were done at a salon. However, I have a tendency to put an e at the end of things. Sometimes I call Josh Joshy ... you know? So yes, I do call her Connie sometimes. The nickname I frequently use is Connie Blue. (because of her beautiful blue eyes!)

I absolutely love our daughter's name. :)

Oh and to go with my never naming a kid after a movie/tv show, I told Joshua I just love the name Nathan. (One Tree Hill obsession. Yikes! At least I am not like that lady from Where The Heart Is who names her kids after foods that she craves during pregnancy.)


  1. I love the name Constance. I think it's absolutely beautiful. I think people need to mind their business when it comes to other people's childrens names. I find that everyone has something to say about other people's choices!

  2. I love more traditional names! Of course I found out AFTER we named Aiden how it is one of the most popular names right now... I have never known one!

    And I was always a Lucas fan... I thought Nathan was a punk ;-)


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