Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I miss being pregnant.

This time last year I was pregnant with Constance, but I didn't know it yet. Due date calendars say she was conceived the night I got saved, which is pretty amazing. I had been wanting a baby for so long and God gave me one the day I decided to give my life to Him. I know I couldn't have handled pregnancy or currently handle parenthood and marriage without His grace. His timing is always perfect and right on.
I miss being pregnant. I had forgotten about the early days of being pregnant and the mystery of it all. Wondering what the little bean was doing, if they were okay, checking for blood every time I went to the bathroom (I did that until it was okay to see blood - in labor!), and just fantasizing about my future life as their mother. Or that feeling I'd get when I would be at the store, wondering if anyone could tell I was pregnant although I wasn't anywhere near showing. I wondered if they could see it in my face. & I'd smile to myself when I'd realize This is real! I'm really carrying a little baby inside of me. It was so neat. I'm not really ready to add more to our family yet but, I just miss being pregnant. I'm glad that God blessed me with such a wonderful experience, although scary at times.

Man, I've been doing a lot of reflective - a year ago today - stuff. It's pretty neat to see where I've come. Soon enough I'll share about the night I got accepted Christ into my life. That'll just take a little longer for me to get into words and right now - I've got an angry and hungry baby. See ya!


  1. that's really cool that she was conceived the same night you were saved....So many times God proves over and over that He truly cares and is more than involved with the details of our what seems to be a crazy complicated life.

  2. Hi there! Thanks for the follow ;-) I am so looking forward to reading your story of how you came to surrender your heart to Jesus. I LOVE how He gave you the desire of your heart the night you got saved. He truly is a God of love and goodness!


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