Monday, December 20, 2010

December 19th, two years ago :)

Two years ago yesterday I began dating my sweetheart. :)
I always say our first date was the best date I had ever been on. It was a blind date, something I was definitely unsure about. However, the person who set us up was trustworthy. She knew Joshua since he was born and his son was good friends with him when they were kids. I figured it was worth a shot. I was looking for something real; no more of this hooking up and messing around. I had enough boyfriends. I wanted a real relationship.
The first time I saw him, I thought he was so cute. I loveeeed his dark hair and his country accent, although it cracked me up a little. I thought it was rather weird that we took the super long way to Elizabethtown, which made no sense to me because I had always been an interstate driver. I thought it was so nice that he opened the door for me each time I got out of it. & I could tell how embarassed he was when the this thing on his windshield (don't know the name for it ha) started flapping around and he had to fix it. I also know that I was very quiet, like I always am when I first meet people. I remember how flattered I was when he said that I was gorgeous.
After dinner at a Japanese restaraunt, we went to a Christmas party at Bro. Robert & Mrs. Donna Turner's home. I had been so nervous about this. Hanging out with a bunch of his friends?! That sounded like the kiss of death. Little did I know, I was meeting my future church family.
Following the party and breathing a sigh of relief over the fact that the friends and meeting my first Miller (who is now my brother in law) wasn't so bad, we went to the Christmas Park in Elizabethtown. The Christmas Park is at Freeman Lake and businesses all over the town set up Christmas lights and displays so people can drive through and look at them. It was absolutely perfect and beautiful. Going to the Christmas Park is now a Christmas tradition of ours.
I remember thinking already that this was the guy I wanted to marry. Call me crazy, but I just knew. I didn't get all weird and tell him right then, because I kind of felt silly for being that way. But I was already planning it out and imagining what it would be like. While I know my love has grown and developed over the time I've known him, I know that I was already in love that night. It was magic.
The best part of the date was the fact that Joshua did not kiss me. He wondered on the way home if he should have, but I told him it was the best thing. I had been with guys who tried to push the physical aspect of relationships way too soon and it was always so awkward. I didn't want a phsyical relationship to get in the way of getting to know one another. I was ready for something slow and real. I wanted to kiss whoever when I was ready. & We didn't kiss until a week before our wedding. It may sound crazy, but I have no regrets in that department.
December 19th was one of the most special nights of my life. I met the man I was going to marry, I fell in love, and I met my future church family. It definitely wins as the best first date I have ever had. :)

My next special day is tomorrow, which is the anniversary of when I first visited Faith Baptist Bible Church, my church home. I'll be writing about that as well. :)

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