Thursday, August 5, 2010

Think pink!

Currently I am eating a peanut butter sandwich (a daily must for me) and a wonderful salad with all fresh vegetables from everyone's gardens. Have I mentioned we haven't been to the grocery all summer due to everyone's gardens and our church's food bank? God is so good!

I've been finding new and interesting ways to fit Constance's things into our ever so tiny apartment. By all appearances, we are not crammed in the slightest. We've just learned to hide things well. I need to go through her closet, which used to be my junk closet, and get rid of a bunch of things I know I'll never use. I believe my days as a pack rat are beginning to dwindle. Sad. Oh well, I can't help but get excited about all of her little pink things that will be taking the place of my junk. Bring it on!

I love going into her room and playing with everything now. I never did before because I would always end up worrying about all that we didn't have for her. I love to go in and inspect, making sure everything is in it's perfect place. Maybe I am experiencing what the books call nesting. All I know is this, I am so excited to be her Mommy. I used to replace all of my dreamy thoughts with something a little more practical and realistic - It'll be hard, she'll poop a lot, it'll change your life, she's a big responsibility. Yeah yeah, I know these things and I know my life is going to change a lot once she's here. But I can't let all of the fear of the future and worrying about how things are going to change suck the fun out of life! I also have to remember that my pregnancy, although it has been very easy, has had it's challenges and difficulties on me emotionally. However, God has really stuck by me through this time and I have grown so much in my walk with Him. I have confidence that if I keep my eyes on Him, I'll do okay through the good, bad, and ugly of being a Mommy! So, hate me for being a dreamer. I'm excited for her to be here!

Josh and I have been talking a lot about our marriage and how things have changed since we first got married. We're realizing that we have less and less time together, that we need to really prioritize and make sure we remain first in each other's lives. I know I don't have kids yet, but I think one big thing that happens to a lot of new parents is that they forget about each other. I really want to make sure that although she is going to take up the majority of our attention, we make time for each other. I don't want to live as roommates until she's 18 and then remember - oh yeah, we used to be best friends! Marriage takes constant upkeep and we've learned that quite a few times by just being alone. We're going to keep on truckin' even after the birth of our girl and all of the changes it will bring.

Ah, I love her little pink things.

Short pregnancy update:
-Weight gain has slowed down & I'm still up 23 pounds. It's been the same for about three weeks. Going to the scale no longer depresses me, but now I worry that she's not gaining any weight!
-No stretch marks, but I am constantly fearing them. (Well I have them on my rear but who else is going to see that other than my husband and I?)
-Growth scan is tomorrow!
-It's rather difficult to roll over at night, so I do it very slowly.
-Bathroom breaks are normally at about 3am.
-She moves a lot and she is very strong!
-I'm having more difficulty bending over to pick up things, but I do okay.
-Still exercising and staying in as good of shape as I can!
-Not as nervous about breastfeeding.
-I hate the heat and I don't even know how hot it is out there, because I refuse to go in it.
-No swelling in the legs, face, or hands for me! (Well, I do take off my wedding ring at times to relieve pressure on my hands, but that's it.)
-I still love being pregnant!

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