Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh weight gain!

Allowing myself to gain weight is really hard. I have a hard time snacking when I am hungry, because I have made myself believe that people who eat between meals a lot will get fat. It is sort of a mental block for me that I have created in my mind. & Now I have to put it aside and realize that weight gain is okay. I stepped on the scale lastnight to learn I had gained yet another pound - despite working out and eating properly. I beat myself up for a few moments and I moped. I did the girl thing and talk about how much of a whale I am. & Then I calmed down, coming to a realistic conclusion: my body is doing what it has to. My baby needs nourishment and my body needs the extra calories to take care of itself during pregnancy. I know I am not eating like a pig or going to McDonalds every day. I'm just eating when I am hungry and taking care of myself.
From now on, I am not going to whine about my weight gain or pick at my body. I'm not living for myself anymore; this isn't just my body. My body is a home to a little human who needs to grow big and strong. I have to put my selfish needs aside, my self image problems, and just enjoy what God has given me. So many women spend thousands of dollars trying to get pregnant and here I am with the greatest blessing. Instead of being thankful, I have spent my time worrying and feeling sorry for myself.
I am also going to only hit the scale once a week. When I don't look at the scale and the numbers that seem to determine my life, I really love my body. I love the bump that's slowly but surely growing and how my body seems to have a different curvaceous shape. & While it's okay to track weight gain, it's not okay to obsess over it. I've spent too much of my life doing that.
So my advice to any pregnant or planning to become pregnant ladies out there - don't flip out over weight gain. Help your babies grow and just enjoy the experience. Remember that you are pregnant, not fat, and that baby weight CAN be lost afterward.

& Now I am off to a day of relaxing and crafts - waiting to feel baby's flutters. =]

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