Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I normally post blogs on Facebook, but I always feel like I clutter news feeds with my blabbing! However, I love blogging. I began doing it on Xanga when I was about thirteen and have been addicted ever since.

Today I have worked on my baby registry. I've decided to do it at Target. I really like their baby stuff. We do not know the sex yet, so my choice of things to put on there is limited. I sometimes forget how much goes into taking care of a baby! It was pretty overwhelming. & It made me realize just how much we are outgrowing our lovely, yet tiny apartment. We're praying about a house we saw in town and I believe if it's God's will, it'll happen for us! Otherwise, we're here! & I'm okay with that. I'll just have to rearrange A LOT and possibly even give some things away. (Oh please don't make me give anything away - I am a pack rat!)

Easter is Sunday! The King is Alive!!! I'm so glad about that! This will be my first Easter since I got saved and I must say it is pretty exciting. I am so thankful that Christ died for our sins at Calvary and that He defeated death by rising again! Thank you God!!! He is so good.
The holiday will be pretty busy for us. We have the Sunrise Service at 7am, followed by a breakfast in the Fellowship Hall, and another service at 11 (which most people will go to), Aunt Sue's Easter Egg Hunt, visits with my parents, a nap (oh I sure hope so), and another service at 7:30pm. I dread waking up at 5:30am, but I know it'll be a great day! Even if I do fall asleep during the evening service.

I love God. He's doing some amazing things. He's really working! Oh I am so proud to be a daughter of the King. =]

By the way, Kate Bush's voice is addicting. I love her.

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