Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our original wedding plans ...

I don't really know how to go about telling the story of my wedding day. People tend to look at us like we're nuts when they find out about how it all went down. My anniversary is tomorrow and I have been thinking a lot about that time in our lives. Or about how much we've changed since then.

Our first Easter together! (2009)

Ah, there is just so much to tell! I guess I'll begin with our original wedding plans!

When we got engaged, we had originally decided on June 6th as the wedding date. We booked our church and called close family members so they'd start planning for it. I liked this date for our wedding because that was the day my grandparents and great grandparents had gotten married. I didn't choose that date on purpose, but when my Grandma Peggy told me ... it just sounded so romantic.

We got engaged in February, by the way. We had met on December 19th and got engaged Februrary 12th (I think). That's just to give you a little mental picture of how fast we were moving.

Engagement ring!

Oh, but time seemed to be going so slow. And June ... wow that sounded so far away! I suppose when you're 18 years old, it seems like you have all of the time in the world and it just drags on by. Hormones don't help either.

Joshua and I had decided early on not to have sex until our wedding night or kiss until our wedding day. I don't regret that decision in the slightest, but as I said ... hormones! We didn't feel like waiting two years to plan a wedding ... we just wanted to get to the next part! (Not only just sex of course, we wanted to be married and have our own lives!)

So, we changed our date again to May 16th. Thankfully that date worked out okay with everyone else, so we sent out invitations and really started planning the wedding.

We had our floral arrangements, dresses and tuxes, reception decorations, food, music, etc. We didn't want anything over-extravagant ... just a little shindig for our family and friends to be a part of. Mind you, I had no idea how to put together a wedding. Looking back, I was pretty awful at it! I had this or that person telling me what they thought I should do, so being my kiddish-pushover self, I was all over the place! Phew!

Different circumstances and family pressures began to push me to feel like maybe ... maybe I shouldn't get married so young. I knew that marrying Joshua was what I wanted, but I hated the feeling of disappointing people. I was also afraid of getting divorced after pushing so hard to get married. While Josh remained dead-set on getting married, I backed down for a little while.
We cancelled our May 16th wedding. We didn't break up, but we didn't really have any plan as to where we were headed either.

That was until April 22nd ... just a few days before we got married.

I feel like if I was telling you all of this in person, I'd be really out of breath right now. And you'd think I was crazy. Can I excuse all of this craziness with the fact that I was 18 and confused?

Tomorrow is April 27th, our second wedding anniversary. I'll tell you about how we decided to finally get married and about our wedding day in the next post. :)

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