Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3 Things I Love

Okay, if you would have asked me to watch this when I was a kid ... or even a year ago, I would've laughed in your face! However, after I got saved and God dealt with me a bit about media we have in our home, my interests began to change a little bit. I know, I know. The storylines of the Waltons are so simple and old school, but I like it. I enjoy watching something wholesome, while it still has substance. I also wish I lived in simpler times, you know what I mean?

I try not to eat a lot of candy bars ... I rarely ever buy them. But I tried one of these out the other night (it was like a snack sized one) and I was hooked! Although I don't eat a lot of candy bars, I am a junk food lover. I excuse it with the fact that I am nursing and I need extra calories. (I know, these extra calories are supposed to be good for me!) I just love being able to eat anything and still be losing weight. (I'm not really a pig ... I just splurge a little more.) Ah, once Constance is weaned, you can yell at me for stashing m&m's in my diaper bag. ha ha

Christian education! I don't have a child who is in school yet, but I am definitely passionate about it. I've been spending a little more time at our Christian school (worked there last year) and I sooo miss being with the kids. The curriculum they use is a lot different than what I was used to in a public school, but it's definitely effective. It can also be used for homeschooling as well. (Did I metion this particular curriculum is affordable?!) Oh and A.C.E. is accredited! (My BIL got a full ride to a local university and he went through this program!) I love love love Christian education!
While googling this picture, I came across a cool blog post that talks about it - How to determine if A.C.E is the right curriculum for your child.

Have a great day!

EDIT: I'm thinking about starting a 3 Things I Love Tuesdays linky. Sound like a good idea?


  1. Hi, been awhile. I loved watching the Waltons back in my day. lol I am so happy you find it wholesome. We need a lot more of that these days on tv. I have been keeping up with your blog just haven't commented in awhile. You still amaze me at your love for God and family shines so brightly through your words. Keep up the good work and keep spreading his word. :)

  2. I loved The Waltons the first time around. Yes, I am that old. It was a bit sappy but heartwarming. I especially loved the nightime ritual, "Good night John Boy", "Good night Mary Ellen", Good night Mama...


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