Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fluffy bottom! :)

Constance's first cloth diapers have arrived! A sweet Mama @ sent us a few and it was the perfect amount for us to try out with! These diapers are pocket diapers, with velcro straps, and they have a neat little pocket for microfiber inserts to ensure absorbency. :)

Our first day using the cloth diapers have been fairly successful so far. Constance wore 3 today and only one leaked, but I think that was because I didn't have the insert in correctly. Other than that, it has been smooth sailing! We also had 2 dirty diapers and messing with poo was not bad at all! Like I said in an earlier post, I deal with enough poo to last me a lifetime anyway! Can't get much worse than that!

So, I am pretty excited about these cloth diapers. If it works out for us, we plan to buy more soon once our car is paid off.

Any ideas where I can get some affordable cloth diapers like these? Let me know!

Hoping everyone has had a great Saturday! I am so pumped about church tomorrow. I'm sure it'll be a sermon about marriage/the home, which are always a favorite of mine especially now that I am a Mama! :)


  1. We love CD! Tons and tons of info and help from CD mamas at Kawaii diapers are cheap and work well. I've also got Sunbaby CD from a co-op in the mail. The were cheap and hoping they'll be good. I really like FuzziBunz sized CD. DS is in mediums and they will fit for a long time.

    Have fun with it and buy more ASAP...stop throwing your money in the trash can with disposables. You can tweet me questions @Trudell10

  2. I love those. Wish they had that kind when my children were born, in the 70's, cloth then was used by us but with the diaper pins. I was always afraid I was going to stick one of them with the pin. She is so cute in the diaper.

  3. Cute! I love love love cloth diapers! I blog about them often, be sure to stop by :) New follower from the Tuesday hop :)


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