Saturday, January 29, 2011

Is it too late for cloth diapers?!


I mean, the convenience of them is great. I'll admit that. However, just about everything else that has to do with them is seriously getting under my skin. & Let's not forget the cost of my girl who just really likes to poo!

Joshua and I had decided over the summer that we were going to cloth diaper and were putting aside money to buy some. However, when Constance was in the hospital after being born, our "funds" were spent on gas money and food while we were at the hospital. So disposables were the way to go. & For a while, I figured that we'd probably try cloth with our next child or something.

Buuut ... as I said, I hate disposables.

I know that using cloth diaper sounds like I'd be messing with more poo, but that's so not true. Obviously I see it every day, I've been pooped on, her being breastfed means her poop is more runny (so she has blowouts and stains her clothes), and having them sit in a diaper pail STINKSSSS her room up!

Since we are going to be paying off our car very soon (yay!), we'll be able to set aside money for diapers a little each month. & Since Constance still has a long while to go before potty training, we have plenty of time to start using cloth. The best kind of diapers I've read about are Fuzzibunz, but they are pretty costly. & While I am down for that if need be, I'd rather find something slightly more affordable with the same quality. (Ofcourse it'd still be less than what I am spending a year on diapers!)

So what are some good cloth diapers? (Not the old pin types that my Dad wore ... you know what I mean?)

Is it too late to start them?


  1. Hi I'm @mamachickx4 on twitter and I did a search of the word cloth diaper and found your blog. I'm glad I did. I too said the thing when I decided to cloth diaper Muffin. She turned 1yr old Jan6th and I said to my self should really do this this late? Well after twittering about it and googling I saw I was not the first. I saw a mom who started at 18months. I was relieved. So after muc searching for a budget friendly good diaper and after reading the reviews online and youtube I decided to go with KaWaii Minky Bamboo Pocket diapers Mom Label. There about 7.99 to 10.50 each. I'm ordering 20 Feb 8th and I will be blogging all about my experience with washing them, how well they work and my saving verses disposables. You also might want to check out that brand as well as and Bum Genuis are excellent dipes just costly but nonetheless costly and the start up cost for 20dipes scared my wallet. I'm going to be following your blog cause I would love keep up and follow your experience with being a new cloth diapering mom.

  2. SingleMamaAdventures is right. When I used cloth we also used plastic pant covers for them so they would not get wet or poo on them in case some leaked out of diapers. When they pooped I always took them to the toilet, held one end, swish it in the water and flush and it would help wash the poo off. But keep a wal-mart bag close to slip it in and then take to the hamper or washer or wherever you keep the dirty diapers. I used to have to hang them out on line b/c we didn't have a dryer. A dryer does keep them soft. Let me know how it worked out for you gals. Kudos for wanting to use cloth. :)

  3. Hey! I found your from Melissa's tweet =) I cloth diaper my dd, but recently she can no longer wear any of the ones with suede cloth =( They are pocket diapers made by my friend Nae's Creations. If you wouldn't mind paying the shipping, I would love to send you some!! You can find me over at Lilac City Momma =) my email address is hanan(at)


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