Monday, December 13, 2010

Sick day, snow day. :)

This week I have gained 11 new followers! How exciting! Props to my sister in law @ Sippy Cup Mom for explaining blog hops! Those are so fun! I am pumped about reading new blogs and also sharing my thoughts with people!

Today I am sick with the flu, there is snow on the ground, and my little girl is snuggled up next to me in bed. I figured this day was coming soon. I always get the flu around the holidays. Being sick with a baby isn't really that awful, but I am just hoping she doesn't catch it from me.

Confession: I have still not been Christmas shopping yet!

I know, it's horrible. I typically always wait until the last minute. I start planning gifts in July, but I wait until two weeks before to actually shop. & Having a baby just makes it more hectic. My sister in law Caitlin is coming with me Friday to shop for Josh. & Joshua and I plan on making a date out of shopping for the baby. This will be the only year she can come along while we shop for her gifts! (I'm a nursing Mama who hates using bottles - as does little Miss Piggy, so the girl goes where ever I do, ya know?)

Hmm ... one hour left until Josh gets off work. Oh I can't wait! I don't think Constance can either; she's probably been bored just hanging out in here with me.

Happy Monday!

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