Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

I am so proud of my girl! :)

We started out with our usual tummy time yesterday and I decided it was time to get pics of her awesome head control. Mind you, (yes I'm going to be a bragging Mama), she's been doing really good with holding her head up for a few weeks.

This is where she starts saying ... Mommmm, I hate tummy time! Why are you doing this to me?!

& Suddenly she turned over on her side!

A few moments later, she completely surprised me with rolling completely onto her back. I was so elated! I screamed and congratulated her, as she began crying wondering what in the world just happened! I had her do it a second time, but by that point she was fed up with tummy time and the newness of whatever had happened. Lastnight she did it another two times for her Daddy, who was so excited and proud. I was just sad that he didn't get to see it the first time. :(

So, we have a roller! & My big girl is growing up fast. She's getting a little personality - she's very prissy, girly, and overdramatic. Too cute! She's just the little light of my life. :)


  1. Yah! Congrats Constance! Rolling over is a great milestone!!

  2. Way to go CeCe! I can't wait to see her, I am praying it will be next month!

  3. I sure hope so! We miss you guys a lot! :)

  4. Time flies. I find it hard to believe that my baby is 12. You have a beautiful baby girl. Enjoy this time when she's little, it'll feel like you blinked & she'll be in school.
    I found your blog by accident. I really just stumbled upon it. I hope you don't mind me leaving a comment. I've read a few of your posts & I wanted to let you know that it has blessed me. And I really needed that. I know you don't know me, but thanks anyway.

  5. Way to go indeed! Looks like tummy time has definitely paid off for this beautiful girl.

    In case of interest, we are holding a fun Holiday Tummy Time Baby Photo contest (see URL below). Three winners will receive a certificate, a $20 Starbucks card and a photo mug to display their winning photo!

    Happy Holidays!

  6. Mel, thanks a bunch! Feel welcome to stop by & read any time. :) Do you blog at all?

  7. No I don't blog. I check my email everyday & facebook but I'm really not good with technology. lol Besides, my kids keep me pretty busy. My son is 12 & my stepson is 17 so it's always pretty hectic around here. Enjoy the time while your little girl is a baby & cuddles with you. Before you know it she will be walking & talking. When that happens, take every hug & kiss & "I love you" you can get because before long you'll get hugs but no more kisses (because it isn't cool. lol) & the I love you's will be limited too. My 12 year old still tells me he loves me & gives me hugs, but if I want to give him a kiss I must do so when he's asleep! :o) Time seems to fly by once you have children. It seems like just yesterday that my Munchkin was born & now he's 5'6" 155 lbs, in middle school & plays football. I wouldn't trade my life or change anything about it for all the money & treasures in the world.

    Again, congrats on the baby. She is beautiful. Best wishes & God Bless you & your family. Even though you & don't know each other I will keep you & your family in my prayers.


Thanks for reading my post! & God bless! :)