Wednesday, April 28, 2010

take the good and bad.

It's been an exhausting couple of days, but I'll start with the great news.

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

The ultrasound went great, baby looked great, and we found out we are having a girl. I am soooo happy! I wouldn't have cared either way, but girly stuff is so fun. I've already gotten a few awesome things from my great sister in law who couldn't help herself! Ha ha. & We have officially decided her name will be Constance Elizabeth Miller. (No, I don't want anyone calling her Connie lol! Mom already calls her CeCe.)

Sadly, my Papa Larry passed away this past Sunday. I suppose his body was too weak to fight off all that was wrong with him (wouldn't go to the doctor and have things taken care of unfortunately) and it just gave out. We were on our way to a hospital in Evansville, IN to be with him, but he didn't make it. I guess at first I was in shock, I couldn't imagine that my Papa wasn't with us anymore. However, being at the funeral reaffirmed it. I saw his restful body laying there and just wanted to hear him say - "Sit in my lap, AmyLee." It made me so sad that I haven't been to visit as much as I had been as a kid. I keep thinking about him teaching me to drive in that dreadful stick shift truck, my first try with chewin' tobacco, his amazing omelets, his practical jokes (he loved the fact that I was so gullible), my ice cream cones every day at the Tastee Freeze, and him blaring his gospel music that he loved so much. I miss him very much today and I wish I could hear him laugh. I think about his poor hands that were weak and disfigured from having bad arthritis - hands that are now perfect because he is in Heaven. I kinda miss the scent of that chewin' tobacco. RIP Papa Larry. If there are any fish in Heaven, I know you're catching them with your strong hands and no longer weak body.

I did enjoy spending time with family. For a long time I hadn't really been close to many of my cousins because they were either older or we were all grown up. Memories and just the simple fact that you are family, however, can keep you together. I plan to visit a bit more often from now on.

So that's the latest with me. I am excited about my amazing news of knowing I have a girl, a daughter, growing up inside of me. & I am grieving the loss of a very important person in my life and childhood. God bless all.

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